Hello Daniel,

There's a place, a building that I was once familiar with, it's located in my former city of residence. For the past few months I've been having visions of this place. The visions are sometimes accompanied by the feelings of actually being in this place/building or outside of it. Why am I having these visions, any insight that you can give me will be helpful.

Thank you

Hi there, i am not sure but i think it resembles a place you saw in a movie you either liked or which had an impact on your subconscious...there may be something appealing about it to you, or it stirs up a memory somewhere within because of the similarity to the place in your subconscious. It may or may not mean anything directly, but to perhaps trigger your curiosity on how mind and the subconscious, relates to the past, and present, or even future. Take care, and God Bless, Daniel.


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