hi mi name is maria alvarez DOB 3/27/1991 and my babys dad lorenzo dominguez DOF 10/25/1988 has been having a hard time finding a job to help me with the bills is there any hope you can give me that he will find a job soon bfore our secon baby is on thank you so much

Hi Maria, i think that for him the best scenario is to get back to school somehow, wether by state funding or some other method, because i really feel once he has some kind of training he will go very far in life, as he seems to be very hard working and dedicated as a person. He is also very trustworthy and has nothing but the best intentions in life. In the interim he would be mostly acquiring just the same type of jobs he has had already. There is the slight possibility also he could do well in journalism or writing but I'm not sure where the opening is, perhaps with the local paper, or college paper. Feel free to ask more questions if you like.
All the best, take care from Daniel.


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