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Hi, my name is Mary (January 22, 1994/ Pembroke Pines, FL) I've been thinking long and hard about a subject that's been bothering me. You see, I like someone. Their first name is Rajon (July 20, 1992/ Pembroke Pines, FL). He likes me, too. But, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Hilarry (I don't know anything about her). We had a fling while they were still together & I ended it even though he wanted to keep everything the way it was. When I ended it, I threatened that if he ever spoke to me I'd tell his girlfriend. I have yet to hear from him. So, will he ever come back to me? I just wanted to know if It's worth to even think about or not. I sense that he's not happy in that relationship.


Thank you for writing me.

Right now Rajon seems to be trying to be what another person needs him to be. (Most likely his girlfirend) he seems to have a need to feel included or feel he fits somewhere or with someone.

I am picking up a warning. It seems you have a friend or several that need your attention right now. If you ignore these friends you may also be ignoring a gift or some form of help comming your way.

The outcome of Rajon's situation looks a little bleak. If he continues the way he is going he will eventually feel un able to leave. He will likely feel it is some sort of duty or personal obligation and stay with her.

In conclusion, Mary, I really feel that this person isn't for you, and I also do not feel anything good will come from his comming back. I'm sorry but I feel you are both better where you are and should avoid dating eachother again. I feel you will both resent eachother strongly if you try to force the relationship.

I hope this helps.


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