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Ive always have had the ability to tell when someone is pregnant hidin feelings and all that good stuff and ive been doing this for some time since i was a little boy (im 18 now). Lately ive been feeling mixed feeling all the time and for some reason i cant help but to think about my mom stuff like dying growing old and just stuff like that. Then i found out that she thinks her precancer cells are back:( My mom has gotten her palms read and stuff like that and when i was younger im over here tryin to practice psychic abilities thats when i found out my mom was into that stuff somewhat. Honestly i just want to know how to harness my ability that i do have and make it greater i want to know more about it google aint doin it anymore lol. If you can give me tips maybe very helpfull ones idk. oh i was also able to do telekinesis but i stopped practicing it for no reason realy.The help is really really appreciated.

You may find the articles on to be useful.  The forums there can also be a good resource (but be discerning).

I have a book available titled Beginning Psionics which is available through and

The most important advice I can offer is that regular practice is the key to improvement with psychic abilities, and nothing else will really accomplish much.  (Practice means using the abilities, not things like meditation).


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I am not a 'psychic reader'--I don't do readings. (If you ask me whether you're going to get a job, whether your boyfriend really loves you, or where your missing keys are, I will reject the question). Again, I do NOT do readings of any kind. Ask yourself: "Does answering my question require the USE of a psychic ability?" If the answer is yes, ask someone who does readings. I provide information and support FOR psychics. If you have unusual abilities and need help understanding how to learn to control them and how to deal with them, I can most likely help you.


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