QUESTION: Hello, I grew up in Canada and I am a 19 year old (June 7, 1993) who is currently staying in South Africa (came here due to my fathers job) I am in university for a bachelor of social work. I am on the verge of moving back to Canada and I just recently applied for a social work program for fall 2013 and I was curious to know if there is anything indicating that I could possibly be accepted into the program!

ANSWER: Hello Irene,
Thank you for writing to me.
I do see you in school this fall,
and doing very well in the second semester.
Your first semester will give you some
small difficulties, but I believe they
are more adjustment issues than anything else.
A good friend is going to have an impact on you this
winter as well, and that will be a positive thing.

Best of Luck in your studies, and
I hope this has helped you somewhat.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your quick response Adreeanna! It truly helped, i think the first semester that you might be talking about could be the one I am taking here, because I have been having difficulties due to adjustments and being away from my boyfriend. I am currently in a long distance relationship. His name is Jonathan and his birthday is February 21, 1993 we have been together for a little over a year and a half now.  Our relationship started when my dad was offered a position at one of the university's in the state that he lives in, but he decided to accept the job in SA instead. Though, we decided to stay together. I guess i've been a bit worried about our future together and if he really is the one for me.

Hello Irene,
You are more than welcome, and I am glad that I could help.
I am always so reluctant just to say yes or no regarding
relationships, and this is because so many thing change and mold
our futures on a day to day basis.  
The 2 of you care very deeply for each other, but I do see some
difficulties ahead for you both.
You will be working very hard at your education, and this will leave
very little time to seriously nurture along a relationship in the
way it needs.  Now..having said that, if you both, and I do stress
the word both, work very hard to keep things moving along, you will
come out the other side, with very strong, very close, and very dedicated
feelings toward each other, making this a relationship that can withstand
almost anything life throws at you.
If you are going to try to stay together, than keep date nights sacred.
Perhaps it's only a phone date, perhaps you can arrange time together, but
keep it meaningful. Talk to each other on a daily basis..not long drawn out
conversations..just 2 good friends would chat. You don't need to be
all love speak, hehe, but it can warm the heart, and relax the mind just to hear the voice
of someone we care about deeply.
Also..a word from the wise..texting? Not good!
You need to hear each others voices, not read words that can be misunderstood.
Taking that extra bit of time, to say a kind word or 2, means so much.

I so wish you all the best with all my heart.



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