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Hi Sheperdess,

How are you today? :)

My name is Chidinma, march 20th 1991, born in Lagos, Nigeria.

I've been trying meditation to meet my guardian angels, or spirit guides for a long time now. Just once i felt a very powerful vibration, but nothing else after that neither have i ever seen them.

Can you give me any information on my angels or spirit guides and how to reach them please?

Dear Chidinma:

Thank you for writing. I don't much like to interfere with others' guides and angelic beings, because they belong to YOU!:) They don't care what you name/call them, and the more you meditate, the more often they will come around, without a single doubt. It can't NOT happen -- it's just a matter of being kind to and patient with yourself. If you're too tense, they have to kind of fight to get in, so just keep at it.

Sometimes you might notice a certain sense of "spinning," or fast movement when you're sitting or lying absolutely still, and that's an indication that you're connecting to their realm. It's very hard for them to get through to you, as well, so meditation is the absolute best method to meet them halfway!

I do hear "Marta" as I type this but again, that may just be the name of someone you know, as spirit guides usually never incarnate and therefore don't need names, etc.

The meditation should never feel like work, so set it up so that you'll look forward to it every day for at least 20 minutes. Soon it will come to you easily and with very little effort. It does take patience and repetition, because you have to get your vibrational energy in concert with theirs, but once you have that licked, you’re connected.

I feel you’ve already received information that you’ve either discounted or just haven’t felt sure about because you don’t quite trust yourself in this process. That’s fine, though, because you can start over anytime; there’s no “time” in Spirit, so no appointment is necessary!:))

Angels, in particular, are more "modest," though that's not the perfect word I'm seeking -- they are harder to contact due to this, and they will not approach you unless you are in danger, in pain, or ask for them directly – they’re very delicate, almost like fairies, and are really careful about not being intrusive, but they LOVE to be asked. They adore you; your angels are assigned to just you, so call on them, especially right before sleep, and ask them to hover over you while you sleep and then thank them and express love and gratitude.

Also, your ancestors are near, but may be a little reticent about coming forward, as well, but spirit guides are right there with you all the time, and if you start really noticing how your body feels – physically – that’s how you’ll know they’re around. Usually it’s just a physical sensation that you haven’t felt before, or that you don’t often feel. Everyone gets it differently, so there’s no right or wrong way to go about this – your instincts will take you much farther than you think, so set them free!

Also, try this: I use it, and I wrote it down for myself and share it with others. It never fails.

Quick Way to Connect with Spirit Guides/Angels/Loved Ones:

Just pick a spot on the wall to look at, preferably above eye level, so that your field of vision seems to bump up against your eyebrows (third eye level).  

As you stare at this spot, just let your mind go, and focus all of your attention on the spot.
Let your eyes lose focus a bit. Notice that within a matter of moments, your vision begins to spread out, and you see more in the peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision.

Now, pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision.

Stay in this state for as long as you feel comfortable. Notice how it feels. Notice the physical and emotional feelings that begin to come to you as you continue. Speak, if you feel like it, or not. If you hear or notice anything at all, even if you think you imagined it, take note of it. Do this only as long as you feel you need to, and then slowly return to “centered” focus.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply for a few moments or as long as it takes, and ‘wake up’ refreshed whenever it feels right. Write down or tape-record anything that you felt, saw, or heard.

Keep doing this on a regular basis, preferably around the same time each day, and you’ll get a connection!

I hope this helps; it's not very personal, but you've already gotten a good head start -- you've already checked in, and they'll be attuned to you much more closely from now on.

God's Blessings,


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