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Hi there,
My name is Laura, born in 1982, and I'm from Australia. Can you tell me what you see about my Aura?
Thank you in advance :)

Warm greetings, Laura!

(\o/)  Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading.  (\o/)

Please be aware that the vibration in the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Father, knowing that we can communicate with you in Spirit, we now say a silent prayer for our friend Laura, who requests this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. Thank you for your many blessings in Christ Jesus. Amen.

As I tune into your psyche, the first thing I am being made aware of is the color Indigo that is showing up strongly in your aura. This color relates to strong intuitive information and higher consciousness which is an asset for you! If you have not realized it lately, you are being informed to work with your higher consciousness at this time. Reading books on the subject of intuitive information is a good start. You have much talent in this area and it must not go to waste.

I am also being told that your attention needs to be more focused on the things that you are currently involved with. There may be times when other people come and try to divert your attention and thus, the connection becomes broken with the energy that you had previously kindled in order to realize a goal you were working on. It is therefore good to stay completely focused on what you are doing in order to avoid the possibility of distractions.

Spirit also prompts me to tell you that a good tool to use for focusing is by working with affirmations. Affirmations are words, phrases, and short sentences that are Positive in nature and content and that guide you to be more positive in your way of thinking, acting, and being. Therefore, when you feel that you cannot concentrate, for instance, you can write a short affirmation such as "I Am Able To Fully Concentrate On What I Am Doing Now!". This short affirmation can be cut and posted in places where you can be readily reminded of the message that needs to be followed. Many people place their affirmations on a refrigerator door, or in the bathroom so that they can see the message when they get up in the morning as well as throughout the day, or on a book's cover they read regularly, and just about anywhere you know you will be at or look at. Doors included!

The importance of affirming something for the good in your life cannot be stressed enough, Spirit says. When the mind begins to see that message time and time again it will work to start making changes that the person has desired and has written about in the affirmation.

You are also being told to work on the expansion of what you desire innermost. What you are desirous of can be obtained if it is for your greater and best good and that of all concerned. But you must be in the right mind frame so that you can get the proper energy in motion in order to bring that about. Therefore, know that what you wish for and desire is within your reach and grasp if you cultivate the right attitude to obtain it and then work to make the positive changes that are needed in order for your desire to manifest!

I am also seeing that there is a thought that goes through your mind where you may be over- critical of yourself. That way of thinking manifests when you feel you may not be getting things just right or the way you want them to be or how others expect them to be. But know that to better see whatever is right for your life you need only turn to God for His Divine help and direction. He will always guide a person to do that which is right and just. When you go at it alone there may indeed be times of trouble and guesswork. That, coupled by what others may expect of you may already be overburdening you with energy that is unbecoming a harmonious result. Therefore, before any undertaking, turn to Christ with your concerns and ask Him to help you sort out the problem or differences that may exist. Go in prayer daily and pray for Divine Guidance is the message here. It is an important KEY to know and realize for when you ask your Creator for help, you know you can receive guidance that was meant to help you along the way. Yes, you must still do the work yourself but you will also know that you are not going at it alone. And you may even reverse any thoughts of self-limitation which may be what is being shown at this time about being self-critical.

I further see that limitations have confronted you and there is no reason for that. For when you feel limited and you see that you are not receiving all that you should, you are helping to further create that condition in your life! Know instead that you can be a person who can look for that which is Unlimited when it behooves you to have it in your life! Again, this message is being repeated to you in different ways and that is because you are receiving word from Spirit to work on this aspect of yourself in order to become the dynamic, great person that you truly are and were meant to be. You Can Do It! Remember that "Practice Makes Perfect!" Always remember God in your life as He remembers you daily with many blessings that He gives to you. And also remember to BE POSITIVE! Do not let any fear or anger or other negative emotion thwart your receiving what you were truly meant to receive for your greater happiness. As you practice more with Positive thinking concerning your life you will be investing in your future by creating the right atmosphere with which your heart's desire can be but a heartbeat away!

Thank you for your reading request Laura, and it is my hope and prayer that Our LORD Jesus Christ will bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you more securely in your walk as you travel on your path. Go with God.


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"Thank You very much for doing my reading! It was such a blessing. Praise Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords!" -- S.

"Thank you so very much for taking the time to write your beautiful and heartfelt message, my dear Christian intuitive! It is so encouraging and uplifting to know that Jesus is always there for us. And at our most despondent times, we can put our burdens on Him and He will carry them for us. We just have to have faith. Your sweet words reminded me that I can always turn to God, and He will never disappoint. We are His precious children, and He loves each and every one of us. :)" -- T.

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"Makes perfect sense thank you so much for the reading Christian. May God bless you in every way." -- M.

"Wow you really nailed it. I am very happy I'm on this planet to help and serve God. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I been a christian since June 2013 and since then my life has been great and I feel protected and loved by Jesus Christ our saviour." -- M.

"hello christian intuitive you were so accurate in giving reading i am so happy to receive your reading.thank you..." -- S.

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