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QUESTION: Hi Inbal, thanks for the service.

My DOB is May 17th, 1981

Just wondering if you can advise about anything in general that comes to you from these details. Any information would be appreciated. I am feeling quite confused and down lately, probably because i didn't find some work I like, or know what I am good at. Any advice about anything would appreciated.


ANSWER: please modify your question according to my profile instruction. in the case that you wish to have a complete reading about your life you are welcome to purchase one

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QUESTION: Ok, I will try and make it more clearer. I am having a period of my life where I dont feel I am good at anything or dont know which area of my life I should put energy into e.g work etc. What do you see me doing in terms of work and being satisfied/happy with? I hope this was clearer.

I think your stronger point is justice and the legal field and so thinking of working in this field would serve you well you will be able to make justice and still to communicate yourself the the world and be a middle person, real estate can also be a great direction for you , again middling between people (bridging I call it) and the ability to change and do several things at once. as for being happy my dear  happiness has nothing to do with the circumstances its a matter of decision as soon as you decide to be happy you will be.  


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