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Hi I'm Esther , born on March 30, 1988 and currently lives in the Philippines. I have a question about my ex boyfriend Antoine (June 30, 1988) whom I've been living with under the same roof for almost 2 years, he went to New York summer last year but unfortunately long distance relationship didn't worked out and we eventually broke up last september. I was hoping he would come back to me, take me back and would still be in love with me even after what he did to me, but until now he's quite determined that he's happy without me. Will he ever come back to me? What's holding him back or maybe he's in love with someone new? Please help me about this ?

Hello Esther .. I have to first let u know that I see this man is your soulmate .. But I think you already knew that..because I see that while he had been gone you have tried to move on and take your mind off of him but are not able too. This is the only man that you have ever totally let in to your life soul and heart. And I do feel that he feels the same . He just wants success very badly and felt he can never make it 100% in your country that's why he left. He did not want to leave you, He left to fulfill his dreams in life. But I do also see that even before he left there was some distance between you and him, Almost like something was pulling him away from you. And this "something" is what is keeping him away from you. This "something" is a negative energy that is working in your life to make you sad lonely and unhappy .. What u must do is cleanse yourself from these bad spirits and blockages and you and him will Reunite.. I want you to email me and I will explain better of what you need to do to help yourself . Believe me when I say This man is worth fighting for . He love you very much but the bad energy pull everything and anything out of your life that makes you happy. Email me anytime ::  


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