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Psychics/will i find my other half?


QUESTION: Dear Thalia; I am a psychic medium in training and trying to find the one in my life. I always get judged by what I do and they get scared and leave. I recently broke up with my boyfriend he let a dream decide his fate. I am a Spanish female looking for love. To get married and have kids with. I want a guy who respects me. I only keep guys for 2-6 months. Why do guys leave me I feel its because I am a crystal child. my vibration is high. I just want a guy at my level. I am 27 years old. I want to find a guy who is spiritual like me. He has to like healing too. Has to be into crystals. Do you see a guy for me what's the time frame and his appearance also his body type and personality and just give me details he he I like a star seed male. Do you see me finding my other half.

ANSWER: Answering this from the question pool - take a look at my profile and see what I require from you to answer this question :) should you want me to answer it, that is... as you already seem to have an idea what you're looking for - what would you like me to answer for you??

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QUESTION: yes I like to know what he looks like and what his name is at least I am stuck D: I am just very different and when I speak they dont understand.

Using the Lenormand cards, he is a foreigner, well he doesn't feel like he lives anywhere around you at the moment. He's currently in a relationship with another lady. If you require further information, I recommend True Love


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