Hi my name is Nicole, but most everyone calls me Nickii. I am 17 years old (Nov. 1995.) The past few years of my life have been a mess. My dad (Roland aprox. 1963) left my mom (Susan aprox. 1965)and I for his now wife (Katherine) and her family (daughter Aysha 2001 and son Marco aprox. 1992) almost 3 years ago, I was a complete "daddy's girl" until he left. When he left I was completely torn apart, between not knowing how to feel and cope, and the constant battle between my parents. My mom and I never really got along all that well and with it just being us two, things got worse and didn't really work out. I left her to move in with my dad and his new family on November 12 2011. The first few months were great, then they got the court reading that told them I was better off living with them and the court battle between he and my mother for custody was over. Then things with his wife and her family's relations with me took a complete 360 turn, she turned into a horrid person and was always telling my father what to do and kicking me out for nothing. I ended up staying with friends most of the time, I met this one woman(Lisa 1963)she was my friends mother.She was also spiritually inclined and she was like a mother to me we were inseparable and she even began helping me find my spiritual intuition that i have since lost but any how. I lived with her for a while but then things got too bad with my dads family and I had to move back in with my mom. I have now attended 3 different high schools in 3 years and am completely lost. I am miserable in the town I am in and want to up and leave everyone and everything the day I turn 18 and never look back. I plan on moving in with my aunt (Jennifer, fathers younger sister) to her ranch in Tennessee with her husband(Mike)finishing high school there and going to college somewhere down south and never talking to the rest of my family up here again. Could you please give me some type of guidance? Possibly some insight on if I'll ever be happy with my life? Will I marry, become a teacher and have a family like I dream? Whatever you can possibly tell me about me in the past, present, future...anything I would absolutely love to hear. Thank you, much love.

Dear little Nicole.
You are in such a sad state right now. I can feel the emotional turbulence around you.
The issues between you and your mom, are the normal issues that most teen girls go through
with their moms. It is a case of 2 queen bees trying to live in the same nest.  You began having disagreements around age 14 I am thinking, and things have just gone from bad to worse. When the father remains in the home, he usually runs interference to keep these arguments from getting out of hand. In your case, with dad gone, there was no one there to smooth the waters.  Now, with dad..things are different, yet the same in some ways. You step mom, and your dad, are trying to blend their families, and that is not as easy as tv and media would have us believe. Their issues and problems are going to flow over on to you at times, and this can be very stressful for you..too stressful for a young lady still trying to figure herself out.  It would do you a world of good to be able to live with your aunt and attend school elsewhere, but do not write your family off. These issues, are all completely normal, and only time heals them. As you get older, you will see for yourself how these things can and do happen to many many families.

You are going to have a life, that is full, busy, and challenging to you as a person. The exact type of life we all hope to have. I see you in a teaching environment, but not public school...perhaps with special needs children.  You will find love, and share a life with this person. I do not answer questions regarding children, as some things, should be happy surprises!
Try to have patience with your 2 families..they are having their own difficulties, and people are less than wonderful when they are under have probably experienced that yourself with how you feel when you are stressed, and struggling with things.

I hope this helps you out even if just a little bit.

Blessings to you Nikki  


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