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(I feel like my 1st name would i.d. me, its not common)

I'm Tresa, 31 and just made a life commitment to God back in late February I think.  I have surrendered my life to God, I always believed in God but never gave my will to him until then.

I just want to know if there is anything I need to work on about myself.  What does God want me to be doing with my life right now?


Warm greetings Tresa,

(\o/)  Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading.  (\o/)

Please be aware that the vibration in the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, we now say a prayer for our friend Tresa, who requests this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. Thank you for your many blessings to her in Christ Jesus. Amen.

It is indeed *wonderful*, Tresa, that you have given your life to God! That is the single-most important thing one can do for themselves in order to truly know they are walking in the right direction. Part of that commitment is to formally become Born Again in Jesus Christ. That is, to Say the Prayer that will open the doors to Heaven for you when you cross over at your appointed time as the Holy Bible says must be done. Before I finish with this Spiritual reading the prayer will be included for you. Becoming Born Again means salvation for *any* person, regardless of past sins who reaches out to Jesus, for that is His Biblical promise to us.

You want to know about inner needs and what needs to be worked upon at this time. Spirit says that you must have continued Faith and Belief in God first and foremost before proceeding since you have already made a life commitment to Him. The reason is that there will always be strong temptations and distractions in this life to try to thwart your continued presence before God. The demonic adversary will find tireless ways to try to dissuade you from walking a Christian life as you know you should and must. Therefore, each day upon arising you should arm yourself with the armor of Faith and Trust and your likewise strong Belief in the Power of Jesus Christ over your life. When you have attained that, it becomes that much harder for that which is negative and evil to try its dirty tricks upon you, one who belongs to Christ. Though the adversary still will try because that is his eternal goal to try to destroy the good that comes from becoming a Christian and especially one who wishes to be saved by becoming Born Again.

Each day wake up with Christ in your heart and rejoice and be happy about it! Say your morning prayers to include The LORDS Prayer as well as the Twenty-Third Psalm. They are very effective when said with a heart that truly believes! Ask God to help you that day and throughout the day and to provide direction in your life since you are asking what He wants for you to be doing with your life at the present time. Meditate upon His answers that will come ever so subtly so you must make sure that you do not miss what God wishes to speak to you about that is loving, pure, compassionate and that touches you like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day.

Keep your mind on your commitment to God. Never let it waver into things not germane to that commitment. For the moment you allow your thoughts to leave, the adversary who is a cunning opportunist and liar on the prowl bent on destroying men's souls will cease the moment to try to instill thoughts upon you that again, are not of your true nature and that a person who has committed their life to God should never be faced with. But if you ask how you can do that, know that God has given you the Power with which to do it! He never gives a person more than they can bear or more than they can presently understand. In His love for you, He will walk by your side always and is as close as your thoughts should doubt start to creep in.

I am hearing the word "Service!". Therefore, something to work on with your life would be to be of service unto others. But that means selfless service which is unconditional, never expecting anything in return. Simply give from the heart to your fellow man in the way that God gives to His children daily. You can do the same on a smaller scale with the ability that God has given to you. And know that when you give unto others, God will give unto you as well in ways you would not have known were possible!

Strength and Tenacity in working with these goals is KEY in your life right now, Spirit says. It will help you to become a stronger person who when met with fear, doubt, and undue concern will be able to simply brush it aside knowing that that is not what God wants for your life and that fear, doubt, and undue concern are tools of the adversary to try to destroy your faith.

I am being given a very special Scripture now by Spirit meant for you to keep close to your heart and always embrace the message contained.

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." -- PSALM 91:11 (KJV)

God sends His Holy angels to look after each one of His Children, His Creations of whom you are one. And while we must not pray to angels as they neither like nor accept for one to do so, knowing that prayer should always be only *To God through Jesus Christ*, they stand ready as our most special friends to be of assistance when you call. Therefore, know that you are not alone, Tresa. The angels of God will also help to guide you along your way as the Heavenly guardians that they truly are!

Do not remain idle, Spirit now says! They are most emphatic about this for they tell me they have seen times when you procrastinated about things and did not want to forge ahead in life. They want to send you the message to always remain busy working and accomplishing that which will truly be of service to God as well as mankind. That is what God sees when a person puts forth the effort and He returns it to them through His many blessings.

This is the Prayer For Salvation to be said Out Loud by those wishing to become Born Again.

"Father in Heaven, I humbly come to you with contrite heart being a sinner who acknowledges my sins. I ask now for your forgiveness and also present myself to make the declaration that I Believe that Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior who is the most beloved and only Son of God. I believe that He was crucified, died, and was buried but arose on the third day through God and sits in eternal glory with thee, Almighty God. I thank you Jesus for coming into my life and I will follow you all the days of my life. Amen."

Thank you for your reading request Tresa, I hope it was enlightening unto you and it is my hope and prayer that Our LORD Jesus Christ will bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you to walk more securely as you travel on your path. Go with God.


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