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QUESTION: Hey Eclipse AKA Devilvamp, hope you are well-:))  My name is Rachel,female. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM, Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied here in my homeland, Israel fashion design nearly 3 years ago, ever since i've had a few attempts to break out in this iundustry but nothing seemed to be really getting off the ground!
I did attend a showcase in London on October last year which has given me an amazing exposure and i've met some some amazing people from the industry as well.
Right now i'm planning to fly to London again this July, the 11th to attend another show in London and also to collaborate with an amazingly talented English model i've found online, her name is Jaynie James..i would like to know if you think this collaboration will open me some doors and will it be long lasting
or just a one time collaboration?
Your help is much appreciated,

ANSWER: Hello Rachel
I do recall you as I do remember telling you that showcase was going to get your foot in the door and I am happy to see it went well.  
Now to this new plan:
You uphold an idea with conviction, and once your mind is made up, you are immoveable. Your powers of persuasion are stronger now, and you can influence those around you with what you say. You communicate with passion and force. It is possible to have a profound learning experience that makes a lasting impression upon you.
It is unlikely that the commonplace and the ordinary satisfy you now, and you tend to dream in the largest possible terms. Your idealism can show itself strongly, and you may see the best in all that is around you. You likely trust that whatever is possible can become a reality. This may mean that undying optimism keeps your vision alive, but also whatever is fearful may get encouraged. You may oscillate between the two, and situations may provide room for each to occur.

Your perspective typically broadens during this cycle, but you may have difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. Because there is often such an array of content now, making sense of everything is usually a challenge. If you apply reason and logic to unravel the complexities that may arise, you probably will end up further from solutions than when you started. Linear methods must give way to more indirect and intuitive approaches for success to occur. Otherwise confusion can reign now, and you may lose your bearings in a sea of ambiguity. In this period, there typically are many layers of meaning without the sharp contrast that you may come to expect. Essentially there are no right answers since everything is possible, and nothing is excluded. The more you try to define boundaries, the more obscure they may become.

Being open to whatever comes into your view and especially to what is outside of it can lead you almost anywhere. You may seek what is hidden, subtle, and hard to detect. Secrets that you may hold can get exposed now as there is a tendency for the truth to come out, and if deceptions are not faced, they may become stronger and more pervasive. Clarity comes from being honest and trying not to control any outcome. Sometimes people or conditions challenge your faith and you may have to wrestle with complex issues that have no easy explanations. If your beliefs lack the proper support or relevance, you may realize their shortcomings now.

The opportunity exists for you to understand beyond words or reason certain aspects of life which often require suspending judgment and trusting the validity of what you feel. So much depends on your ability to see clearly what is in front of you rather than avoiding certain realities. There sometimes is a strong need to escape any harshness that you may encounter, and you can create worlds that are far removed from your daily existence. Retreating to restore yourself and to reflect on the mysteries and puzzling circumstances that may surface is a way to detach in order to comprehend what is incomprehensible.
Potent and positive influences can make an important difference in your life now. Situations may arise that enhance your strength and help you to demonstrate the force of your being. Depending on your focus, this period can bring success in many areas. Your material comfort can increase, and it is an excellent time to plan for your financial future as the components that you put into place now should benefit you in the long term. You tend to encounter situations that clearly distinguish what really matters, and you benefit from getting to the core of any issue. The setting is right to resolve, or at least improve significantly, problems that seem intractable.

This cycle generally creates a very productive environment for making a change. While deteriorating conditions can become better, those that do not may signify a need to move on and to leave elements of the past behind. Transformation of those factors that hold you back is easier now since there likely are people or events that encourage you to move forward. The potential exists for substantial progress in activating the power that you possess and its means to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. If you are unaware of your capabilities, this period can provide the right atmosphere to understand and to support your deepest urges and passions.

Harmony tends to exist between your compelling desires and their development. If you have fostered their advancement over the years, now is a probable time for their full expression, and attainment is possible of what you have long sought. Not knowing what you really want, you can take advantage of situations to find what truly motivates you. You can use this time to comprehend the meaning upon whatever you focus. This period, although it occasionally unfolds with little activity, generally is very dynamic, even if inner growth gets promoted over external events. There often is an enthusiasm for uncovering mysteries and delving below the surface to what underlies appearances.

There typically is a sense of abundance that permeates this cycle, and you can benefit from your efforts to partake of the wealth. Prosperity can come in many forms, not always material, but whatever the form, it usually is appropriate for what you need at this moment. For success to occur it sometimes is necessary to go back to where you started and to begin again, or at least to begin on the foundation that you have already established. It may be that what you seek you already have; you just need to renew it.
SO I do see this collaboration being well established as long as you continue as so - so far you are going thru your path as destined so hopefully with the info I provided it will help you continue on where you are heading...
Many Blessings and success upon you!!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wow thank you so much for this quick&profound answer  Eclipse AKA Devilvamp!!
Your prediction and insight about my life is much appreciated and was very useful indeed!
Now regarding this collaboration with this English model i was talking about, i do feel we were destined to meet each other and it feels as though we have known each other for years!
My intuitions and instincts are telling me we will become very close to each other&that this collaboration will be a long lasting that what you see as well?
Thank you so much again!!

ANSWER: The only way I can see that is by knowing her date of birth and name so that I can see the energy between the "both" of you....but from just your energy YES I see that but its always good to see the energies never know if you both interacted in the past ...and if history is repeating itself....but if you do not know her info then trust your instincts and intuition and let it lead you have faith and be positive.  If everything within you is telling you what you feel then let it manifest that way.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You are amazing, i highly appreciate your help so far!
I did find out her birth date, i'm not sure about the exact location of place of birth, i only know she was born in the U.K.
Her real name is Jayne Porter but her modelling name is Jaynie James,
she was born on 1st, April, 1974, U.K.
Hope you will find the info useful-:)

Yeah it looks good.
Her strengths is that she is helpful - hardworking - inspirational she can be touchy - rebellious and confrontational but with you I see very contributing that tells me if you both work along well it will be to your benefit in many ways.  as a helpmate can definitely be an advantage.
Always use your intuition and She is basically aggressive in her attitudes and has less facility in the receptive arts of relating to others, picking up subtle messages and nuances, listening, nurturing, and harmonizing. Often she is so fired up about her own projects or goals that she inadvertently runs over or ignores other people's feelings and interests so if she does wind up being this way atleast you are prepared "JUST INCASE". Being receptive and appreciative of others' contributions, ideas, and feelings would go a long way in improving her relationships. Her impatience to get on with things causes her to be rather insensitive, and to therefore alienate others unnecessarily. She also frequently tries to accomplish her ends by using anger or some version of a temper tantrum. She would gain much by learning to slow down, relax, and just let things be sometimes, but her energetic, restless nature rarely allows her to do this.  She does have a streak where she shows to like to work independently but it also shows in her chart meeting someone new who she will get along well with - share many interest and work together and I am hoping this person is you.
Good luck and Many Blessings on your path (so far you are following it as destined so keep doing whatever it is your doing - have faith - be positive and dont doubt your intuition this is strongly being told to me.  


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