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QUESTION: Hello Lady Adreeanna, hope you are well-:)) My name is Rachel,female. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM, Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied here in my homeland, Israel fashion design nearly 3 years ago, ever since i've had a few attempts to break out in this iundustry but nothing seemed to be really getting off the ground!
I did attend a showcase in London on October last year which has given me an amazing exposure and i've met some some amazing people from the industry as well.
Right now i'm planning to fly to London again this July, the 11th to attend another show in London and also to collaborate with an amazingly talented English model i've found online, her name is Jaynie James. This is her modelling name, her real name is Jayne Porter, her DOB is: April, 1st, 1974, i do not know her birth time or the exact location of birth apart from the fact she was born in the UK.
All i can say regarding this model is that she has a very difficult life story, she has been abused by her ex for 20 years and i was genuianly touched by her life story and really bonded with her and that's why i would really like to work with her&help her in any possible..i would like to know if you think this collaboration will open me some doors and will it be long lasting
or just a one time collaboration? As at the moment it's not exactely clear if we are going to work together or not due to her personal situation.
Your help is much appreciated,

ANSWER: Dear Rachel.

I do not have the best of feelings with this model.  Her past is still very much part of her present, and potentially her future. This will cause you a great deal of problems in a work environment, and her inability to be reliable could cause you a lot of problems with reputation.

You tend to fall for hard luck stories..and though on a personal level, sometimes that is ok as you genuinely care, and want to help. But in order to make it in the field you want, you are going to have to toughen yourself up, and harden your heart to hard luck stories.

You should seek out a different model, one that has a clean and clear path, one that others have passed over, but when you see her, you will see her potential, and her hard work ethic.

This will be the one for you.

I hope this helps in some way for you



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your quick reply Adreeanna!
I do agree with you that this model is problematic and is still dominated by her past but i genuianly have bonded with her and she's not like any other model..she's amazingly talented&versatile and i feel working with her can be very benefical to the success of my line in the UK as she's very popular there.
However, i'm not going to be chasing after her and  if i don't get an answer from her in the next few weeks i'll be seeking for another model with a clean and clear path as you said.
Do you forecast success with my line in the UK?
Thank you again, much appreciated-:)

Hello again.

The path to success is crisscrossed with paths of both opportunity, and missed opportunity. At this moment, it is difficult to say if you will achieve success in the UK due to the issues that are all still up in the air for you.

Before one can see a clear path, the obstacles must first be cleared away. There is still far far too much in your way yet to determine the degree of success you will have.

I wish you the best in your endeavors!




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