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Hello Jean MacKenzie, hope you are well-:)) My name is Rachel,female. My DOB is: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 AM, Israel, Tel Aviv.
I've studied here in my homeland, Israel fashion design nearly 3 years ago, ever since i've had a few attempts to break out in this iundustry but nothing seemed to be really getting off the ground!
I did attend a showcase in London on October last year which has given me an amazing exposure and i've met some some amazing people from the industry as well.
Right now i'm planning to fly to London again this July, the 11th to attend another show in London and also to collaborate with an amazingly talented English model i've found online, her name is Jaynie James..i would like to know if you think this collaboration will open me some doors and will it be long lasting
or just a one time collaboration?
Your help is much appreciated,

Hi, Rachel,

My sense of you is that you are very persistent, organized, and hard-working. Even though your career hasn't progressed exactly as you wished, you keep trying and accentuate the positive. Very good qualities all around.

When I look at Jaynie I get the sense, as you do, that she is very bright and talented. I don't think she has quite the level of dedication that you do, though. Part of this I think is due to some internal battles, perhaps with addiction or depression. And part of it is that she realizes a model's career is short and she has to be thinking about what to do next. And she really is not sure. She is a lovely young lady in so many ways, but it just feels like she's fighting herself.

I think this collaboration may very well open some doors for you. The two of you could easily work together once or twice more, but beyond that I really don't get a sense. I suggest paying very close attention to your own intuition as you work with Jaynie this summer. If the opportunity to work together again presents itself, how does that feel to you? That, along with your acquired knowledge, will be your best guide.

All blessings to you . . . let me know how it goes.



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