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Last summer my father was promoted to work as a teacher abroad and i moved from a small town in North Carolina to South Korea. The transition devestated me, even though i had always wanted to travel the world. I had to leave my hometown and highschool friends to go to a completely new environment. I was very unhappy for the first months of being in Korea and then I met my now boyfriend, Min Su (on decemember 1st 2012) We instantly hit it off and starting dating december 24th 2012. We have been happy together ever since. We have always known from.the start however that he was going to have to go away to college. He is a senior. I am a junior. This summer i travel back to America. He is also going to america but after i leave to go back to korea.My dad has a two year contract at the school he works for so thats why we have to go back. I leave here in less than a month and really wanted some guidance in what to expect if we decided to date long distance. What i should be looking out for, what is to be expected and how to properly prepare myself for our year spent away from eachother. my name is devon ( i am a girl) i was born january second 1996. my boyfriend was born april 14th 1995. i would love any advice and insight so.much!!!

Hello Devon,
What a difficult time you have had indeed!
You have amazing strength and courage to face
a completely new environment such as you have.
I have not come across such inner strength in such
a young person in quite some time.
You, young lady, are going to be a force to be reckoned with
as you get older!
Now, having said that, long distance relationships are trying,
difficult, and full of complications, and worry, even for the
most experienced of souls. Being young, and just starting to
spread your wings and see what this wonderful thing called love
is all about, will make a long distance relationship, near to impossible.
You will suffer feelings of loneliness, isolation, self doubt, and at times
anger and frustration at a time in your life that should be joy, and discovery.
Min Su, will have to study, very hard, and will have difficulties of his own, that
will keep him from being able to spend the time with you, that you want, and at times
need.  The advice I give you now, comes not just from psychic abilities, but from
years of experience...move your relationship with Min Su, to that of a cherished,
and dear friend. That way, you can support each other, talk to each other,
but still be able to carry on your lives apart.  If you do this, you may have
lost a romantic interest, but, you will have gained something much more valuable..
a dear, and wonderful friend.
I sense that for both of you, there will be other loves in your lives, before you find
the one that you will share a home and family with.
Min Su, and you, are meant to be friends, cherished, close friends.

I sincerely hope this has brought some clarity to your thoughts. are an amazingly strong young lady!
I sense success, and adventure in your life.
Cherish it!!

Blessings to you



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