Hi Thalia,

my name is Chidinma, march 20th 1991. I sent a message before, but it couldn't be answered. Is it because i put in one more than one angle in the question, or have i asked you before? If i have then pardon me, I get it confused sometimes.

Incase i haven't i'll go ahead and ask: Will i finally find a loving boyfriend this year?"

p.s pardon my mistake with the double message, i realised i hadn't put in my details.

I'm not sure who Thalia is?!? But I'm answering.

Using the Lenormand cards, when you get out of your comfort zone and start listening to your intuition about dating the right guys not the wrong guys, then yes something is possible but remember love doesn't come easily, it's like planting a apple seed in garden and expecting apples in a few months just because it fits in with your story! but the apple will decide when it's ready for apples. If you want further insight, 1. True Love


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