I will try again. I'm sorry i wasn't clear about what i wanted you to answer. :)
My name is Suzana and i have long dark hair and brown eyes. DOB: 24-09-1963. My ex boyfriends name is Albert and have darkblond hair and blue eyes. DOB: 22-04-1970. Albert broke up with me last week because of something i accused him of which he denied and we haven't spoke sinse. My question is will there be a reconciliation between us?

Using the Lenormand cards, looks like any kind of reconciliation is a long way off Suzanna because you are communicating honestly to each other, it feels like the issues are rooted deep within both of you, it doesn't feel like an easy kiss and make up blow-up. If you have the patience with each other, yes things are possible - but don't expect Albert to change if you can't be the change you'd like to see! Further information, contact again

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