My name is Sirine born 1976 his name is Muhamed born 1985.


Using the Lenormand cards, ah looks like one or both of you are being sneaky about loving within this 'relationship' it's a feeling of not love really but seeking pleasurable things with each other. You're happy being friends - servicing each other shall we say. I don't feel any love energies here. If you're interested, true love+love story so you can get an idea of this silly game you're playing with Muhamed and you can get an idea of who your future lover will be

Edit after rating: Many thanks Sirine for saying that I'm 80% psychic, 60% clear in the way I communicate. 80% polite. And just adding your original question

"Hi Nahimana, What can you tell me about my love life ? I am in a "temp" relationship right now. We know it is not going to last but we also know it s very special. Thx Sirine"

You clearly know that you are not even in a relationship - yet you let others know that I'm not clear nor am I polite.

Sirine reply: QUESTION: Precisely dear ... You took the words out of my mouth and told them back to me...That's why you are only 80% psychic...

And clear you are not "if you're interested, so you can get an idea of this silly game you're playing" For God's sake what does that mean ? Is this English?

As for polite you accused me and my BF of being sneaky do you consider this politeness??!!

I hope this doesn't turn into a ping pong where we are boring people with an online argument...

My opinion is a my right ...if you are going to advance services free or paid you need to accept that people will have different opinions of you and your services ...It should be an incentive for you to improve not vice verse...
No hard feelings ... this is strictly professional..
Thanks for the service anyway ...
All the best ...

My reply: Thank you Sirine, this is now very clear. I don't speak English. I'm impolite. And you're right and I'm wrong.  


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