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My name is Tracy  (12/07/1968 8:30am place Oakland California) I live in Fort Worth, TX.  My boyfriend Patrick (11/27/1957 place Melbourne Australia) lives in Melbourne Australia.
Patrick tells me he loves me and admires me.  We get along very well.  If we are going to try to make our relationship work we
are going to have to make the decision  to move closer together.  He seems excited about that and hesitant at the same time.  
He has told me he has had just two serious relationships in his entire life.  He even discussed our future with my father and told him he missed me. He seems to take two steps forward but always a step back.
I am frustrated by his indecisiveness. I recently broke things off with him in my frustration.  I miss him terribly and wonder if I need to make amends. I realize I have to make myself vulnerable in this life to experience love to the fullest...but I really am afraid to set myself up for a terrible heartbreak.
I want to know if he truly loves me, misses me and if I need to be patient with him or just move on.  And does he really want to share his life and future with me?   I appreciate your help.

Thank You


Hello Tracy I do have to tell you that I feel a very strong connection between you and Patrick, But At the same time I feel a very strong spirit of confusion around this man right now. Yes he does love you he does miss you and he does plan to make a future with you. But I feel Patrick is the type of man that does not like to have to work very hard on something. And the difficulty is that he really does not want to leave Australia in his heart because that is his home and he is familiar with it. This is the type of men that is not very good with drastic changes. But I do feel a soulmate connection between you and Patrick. And even if you both were  to decide to call it quits it would not be easy for you or for him to move on. I feel like there are some blockages between you and this man other then location I feel that there are some spiritual blockages around you and some negative energies especially surrounding your love life. This is why not only with Patrick but even in other past relationships it seems as soon as you develop any type of strong feelings the relationships always ended up going bad. The only way for you to be happy in your love life and to be together with this man is to read your self of these bad spirits because they have been there for many years. Tracy you have been cheated out of your good luck in Love,  in success ,in peace of mind , and in joy. I see that you feel a very deep void with in your life and you felt it even when you and Patrick were together it's like something is always missing and nothing can fill it up. Sometimes you might feel that if you had more love or more money or more friends that will fill the void but even when you had these things you still felt something just was not right. And these bad spirits and negative energies are the cause for this empty feeling in your life..sweetheart you need to cleanse your self from this negativity from this darkness in order so that you can have the love and light in your life.. Believe me once you help your self and get rid of these negative energies things will fall into place very easily but as of right now I am sorry to say everything that can bring you any type of joy or peace is being blocked from your life Tracy.. Now if you believe what I'm telling you is correct and if you want help I will give you my email and you may contact me and I will explain further of what you need to do to fix this problem in your life because unfortunately this is something that does not get better on its own. Actually from what I am feeling this seems like it may be a generational curse that needs to be lifted immediately here is my email if you are seriously interested in helping yourself contact me and I will let you know what you need to do next.. Godbless And I do hope to hear from you soon. > <  


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