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I'm Hannah (28 January 1995) and his name is Ethan (24 November 1992). We just recently started a relationship this month and things have already progressed really quickly. We both feel as if we have been waiting our whole lives to find each other. He lives several hours away though. Can we make it in a long distance relationship and is he "the one" for me?

Using the Lenormand cards, you might have progressed really quickly but Ethan is not on the same page as you. You might be seeing wedding bells, but Ethan still feels he has his whole life ahead of him. I don't feel this relationship will last - but then I'm not 100% psychic :) but just be careful Hannah that you don't feel pushed into things that Ethan might say just to get you to think what you have it's happily ever after, when really what he intends is to ditch you and choose something else.


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