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Hi there,
My name is Laura, born in 1982, and I live in Australia. Can you tell me if there are family/friends who stay around me and guide me from the other side and if they have something to communicate to me or my family?
Much appreciated :)

Hi, Laura,

Did a male friend or classmate pass away in his teens or early 20s? I get the feeling he died suddenly right before graduation or another big event, and he feels bad about the event becoming a somber one because of his death. He's telling me his death happened quickly and that it was due to him "acting stupid," and no one else could have prevented it. He is tossing paper streamers up in the air, then juggling something like rubber balls and making goofy faces. He still wants to make people laugh. That's how he wants to be remembered.

An uncle or uncle-like figure is also coming through — he is around you quite a bit. He was a very spiritual man when he lived in the physical world . . . not necessarily a clergyman or working in any official spiritual capacity, but an explorer of sorts. There were others in the family who thought he was a little nuts. It feels like he practiced tai chi and/or yoga. Oh, it's about stretching! He wants you to be fearless about "stretching" in your own spiritual life, that there's no need to rely solely on what others tell you. There's also something about property he left behind, such as a car. It's a red classic convertible of some kind, and he's polishing it. Whoever inherited this vehicle better be taking care of it. :-)

Does any of this make sense? All blessings to you . . .



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