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Hello my name is Gloria (jan 12, 1992) his name is Jordan (june 3, 1992)
He is my first boyfriend and when we got together in 2011 we were both very immature so he broke up with me very cruelly after a year and 3 months of dating. the break up was because we fought too much and I was too insecure. Then 6 months go by and january 2013 he comes back saying he's sorry and that I'm the one and things are so much better but around late february he becomes distant and cold. then on april he told me things had fizzled out and he wasnt in love with me anymore. This was very confusing to me because even though he was colder there were still moments where he was very sweet and because he kept saying the reason for his coldness as being depressed. Now he says he has no feelings for me and that we are over but when I ask him if it's forever he says he doesn't know. I want to ask you what the future holds for us? I am having a hard time letting go of him because he is very important to me and I feel very attached. If you don't think i have a future with him can you tell me something about my forthcoming love future?

Using Lenormand cards, there appears to be arguments about money and lots of doubts about this relationship together. Your intuition is correct Gloria in saying that you're having a hard time letting him go, not because you love him - it's obvious to him :) but it's not obvious to you, because to you, there's an empty void there - you need to love yourself then you won't feel so empty because a guy is not the whole cake, that is you :) the guy is simply the icing on the cake. Should you require further information True Love


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