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Greetings !
Hoping all is well.
The past 5 years have not been good ones for me either economically nor socially.  I also worry lots about my future.
Is there any hope in sight for me and where and when should I look for it ?
Thanks !

Hello William.. I am sorry to hear about all of this.. I can see that there have been many problems in your life as well. And I see that you usually are a very positive person, And all of this time you have been trying to keep strong and hang in there, But now it's really getting to you. You just feel you need a break a breather if u will.. As far as financials I have good news I do see that starting in the month of June 2013 your luck is changing. You will have better luck not only to make money, But also to save it. I feel that whatever you are meant to do professionally you are meant to do at a high level a high position.. God has put you in this world to be a leader and not a follower. But I do see you have gotten off track in recent years. Now, As far as love I feel that in the past you have been hurt and broken hearted more than once. And I feel there have been relationships where you was always giving and never taking, And I don't mean giving of $$ or material things. I mean giving of yourself your heart your goodness.. But I can tell you that you are not meant to be alone and you do have a soulmate and the soulmate is someone that you do know. I have to be totally honest and open with you right now William, There is a very serious problem in your life and there is a darkness as a dark cloud had been around you and no matter where you go or what you do it just won't go away .  I honestly feel this had been in your life for more than 5 years. But is now taking stronger effect on you. I know what this, And how you can help it. If you understand what I am saying and believe what I am telling you and want to seriously help yourself I can help you. I will give you my email and we can talk more there if you life. Otherwise Goodluck and Godbless ><  


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