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QUESTION: Hello Inbal,

My name is Mary Anne Garcia, born 15th-October-1985. I have not been single for so long since I always jump from one relationship to another (I'm in love with love!lol). I feel like I need time to myself since I just went through a breakup with a person whom I really love. I wanted to be single and focus on myself but since my partner went away to pursue his career, I feel lonely so I ended up in another relationship now but I am kinda losing hope in relationships now since it always fail. My question is, do you see my ex coming back to me very soon?Thanks!

ANSWER: you are welcome to read my profile here carefully and modify your question so I can help

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QUESTION: Oh sorry. Yes, about the subject.I guess i only just wanted to know what could be the possible problems that stops me from having a lasting relationship and will i ever be able to realize it soon, or will it just be another bunch of short-term relationships? Thank you for your help.

you said it yourself dear you are inlove with love, commitments for long terms and patience to wait until the relationship develop properly are not your best sides and you find yourself jumping into impulsive acts and decision that are too rapid and ends up angry, the root of this nature is at your homegrown where I m afraid you have  been spoiled to get easily and immediately what you want so you are like, if you want something it has to be there yesterday, lol. there is nothing wrong with that its the sign of youth and all you need to practice is a bit patience, besides this year is better time for career and finance and not for romance once you cross your coming birthday things will get more romantic in nature and you will probably find a good partner (if you will have the patience for it), also wanting always what others have just because they have it can be an obstacle in choosing the right partner so try to chose for what your heart wants and not what you feel will impress others. good luck and dont worry eventually you wont stay on your own


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