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My name is Carrie, DOB- January 20th 1980 and I was born in Vineland, NJ. I experienced something tonight that has me somewhat perplexed. I was in my bedroom and my ceiling suddenly caught my eye and what I saw was a misty circle (like a cigarette smoke ring) that started to change shape and whirl around then it just disappeared. My whole life, randomly, I'd have dreams about people or things and they would happen. Right before this recent phenomenon, I was thinking about someone close to me that's deceased. I want to believe that my eyes were playing tricks on me since my cat and dog were both in the bedroom with me but they didn't seem startled by whatever this was. Am I sensitive as I believe I feel I am or was this something explainable? I didn't feel threatened more like couldn't look away and was trying to wrap my head around what it could be...
I really appreciate your time and would love to know what you feel this was.


Dear Carrie,

WOW, you are definitely wide open to this; as you say, you always have been, and this is just a recent confirmation that you have begun to "part the veil," as they say. I feel a male around you, and he feels like a father figure, though I can't feel if he's YOUR father. Whitish hair, but lots of it, and bright blue eyes. This may or may not be the person around you, but I feel something to do with golf, a wisecracking kind of humor, in a good way, and a looking at you with an amused, almost "I told you so" kind of affection. Just a sort of reminder to let you know "warmth is here" and you're surrounded by a lot of people! You came in this way and have what I call a universal sensitivity, so you may often feel bogged down or depressed and not know why, and you may feel you've been so giving, but haven't gotten much in return -- sometimes, I feel you're picking up on world/Earth energy, not just others' energy. You're sensitive on a literally universal scale and may feel world events keenly either before or after they occur. This is the only thing I feel might be overwhelming, and it's going to start picking up as you move forward in life, so when you meditate or before you sleep, just ask your guides and angels to stay close and help you provide a shield against all negativity, because I feel like it's starting to seep through. This can and may have already made you feel very nervous, which can then lead to physical illness. You're just a sensitive, and those are one of the liabilities, so it's just best to be aware and protect yourself. If you're already on tranquilizers or use something OTC to keep you calm, just don't overdo it. There's a sensitivity here to medicine, as well. But I feel you already know this, too!

Other than that, this is one of those questions in which you, the questioner, has answered her own question!:)) I don't feel I need to go into any detail with you regarding how to use this gift, because you just have the "knowing" that it takes and could well be on your way to teach this to others in some way. I feel you'll begin to experience it more and more, and do take notes, or keep a journal about your experiences and when they occurred -- the dates, in particular. Feel you'll start to see a pattern of when you're going full speed ahead, so it's always good to know your "best times" to make the most of it.

I also get (and I think this comes from your spirit people, relatives, etc.) that you're quite a giggler, or have a quirky or what others feel is an odd or silly sense of humor, but it's a very receptive, lovely part of you that makes ME laugh in the sense that you will sometimes do or say things that make YOURSELF laugh, even when you're alone, and that's part of what stands out, makes you very identifiable and entertaining. You're not the life of the party type, but you stand out. That's part of why I feel I'm getting humor with this person who swirled up into your ceiling:)) Again, with this, I feel like it's going to start manifesting itself more and more -- it's like they're testing you or easing you into it (your guides, I mean). They know you're really organized, don't like to be shocked, and have a certain nervousness to you, so they're opening up slowly. Yes, there is great courtesy in the spirit world!:))

You're going to be especially sensitive, I feel, during the New and Full phases of the Moon each month, so again, chart that out and keep a journal about dates and times. I get a 44 here, not sure if that's the age someone departed, or April 4 is significant somehow, or it could even be an address, something "assigned" to a certain person who has either passed or is not doing well. This is a female, and I see her as a young person though she may not be young now, and she's doing something that looks physically artistic, like ballet, or some kind of art that has to do with really colorful hats or head coverings, and it looks like she's brunette, petite (shortish), and, like you, has one foot firmly on the earth, and another leg lifted gracefully into space (I'm really getting a ballet image here more than anything), but the part of her that stands on earth is "holding the globe in her hand," like a waitress balances those heavy trays. She was able or is able to manage both very well; she comes through as a very strong person, and I'm literally hearing "strength." Feel she wants to come in and say that you're very much the same, and she is kind of your soul mate, in the sense that you share such similar life paths. She's extremely graceful and reminds me of a sprite or a wood nymph, but this is a person -- someone you know, feel she's in the family, recently departed or having some difficulties now and may be about to move across. She and the other man are the main ones who come through to me, but again, you have a large family tree there, and they like to be around you because your energy is so welcoming!

I'm so glad you wrote, because it's always so refreshing to hear from people who don't doubt their abilities and hedge their bets on their intuitive side. Also there's a poetry to you, in that you either write or love to read poetry, and part of that is your connection to spirit, so when it moves you, no matter when, always pay attention!

Sending you God's Blessings,


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