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My name is Emily December 18 1993. I would like to know who my spirit guide(s) is/are. What would they like me to know, what area of life are they helping me with & most of all what method would be best for me to communicate with them? Some people do meditation, write in journals, receive messages by song. I'd like to know which way my spirit guides would like to communicate with me.

Thank you! I have been waiting & I really want to get to know them. It's a wish of mine.

Hi, Emily,

Two guides are coming through. One is a warrior who lived in the physical world in medieval times or earlier. He is big and strong and carries a shield. He is helping you learn to put fear aside for the greater good and also to protect yourself. He tells me there have been times in your life when you have needed courage but haven't quite been able to muster it — and he wants to assure you it is there and very available to you.

The other is a woman who once lived in Victorian England. She is very genteel, enjoys the finer things in life, and received an extensive education she wasn't able to fully use when she lived in the physical world. She has a wise smile, like she knows more than she is letting on. She is with you as you continue to learn and grow despite obstacles and distractions. She keeps telling me good manners are very important . . . but I don't think she wants you to adopt the conventions of Victorian etiquette. :-) It's more about the way you carry yourself on the outside reflecting the way you feel about yourself on the inside, and vice versa.

I hope this is helpful . . . all blessings to you!



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