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I'm sending my question again with the information you asked for. My full name is Nicole Marie Rubatino De la torre, I was born on 9/26/82. This guy's name is Ryan Michael Kalasmiki, he date of birht is 9/12/85. i met him two and half years ago in my home country, after 3 months here he went back to the states and he found out he was going to be a father. He didnt tell me the truth, he just said that our relationship wouldnt work but I found out the truth a few months later. I was heartbroken and depressed.On march of this year he wrote me again and we've been talking since then every day and our feelings came back. But i havent heard from him for the last 2 weeks and I'm scared that something happen, i don't know if he was being honest with his feelings and why he's not answering any message i sent.

Hello Nicole,
Thank you for writing to me.
He is not being honest with you.
I sense deception as far as his feeling are toward you.
I am also not getting clear impressions about him being a
father either.
This man does not know what he wants at this time.
He has mixed emotions about a couple of different women,
and I am really not certain that he is being honest with
any of them.

My strong impression and feeling is that you should
put this man out of your mind, and move on with
more positive things in your life.

I hope this helps you




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