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Hi, i met a guy two and half years ago in my home country, after 3 months here he went back to the states and he found out he was going to be a father. He didnt tell me the truth, he just said that our relationship wouldnt work but I found out the truth a few months later. I was heartbroken and depressed.On march of this year he wrote me again and we've been talking since then every day and our feelings came back. But i havent heard from him for the last 2 weeks and I'm scared that something happen, i don't know if he was being honest with his feelings and why he's not answering any message i sent.
My birthday is 9/26/82 and his is 12/9/85.

It feels like there will be changes in this 'relationship', changes for your highest good, perhaps at the time you will not see it like this. But this guy is not suitable for you. Seek to be your own person and then the right guy will love you for you, and be honest with you also. Advice is for you to choose to love yourself without this guy.

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