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Hi Roy I have recently moved to a place I really like. The only downside is that we have the neighbours from hell next door. Everyone else is lovely. I am asking spirit for help. Will they help
get this resolved? Thank you and blessings.

Jeannie - neighbours from hell - my heart goes out to you, it must be awful and it's so many people's nightmare situations.
As stupid as this sounds there is only one thing you can do unless you wish to legal steps (for example if it is a case of noise pollution). You have got to try and ignore them to the extent that you can feel well and thriving even when they are doing the thing they do that annoys you so much. Yes ... it does sound daft but we live in an inclusion based universe and the more you push against something the more likely you are to receive the same or similar back (like Isaac Newton's law of equal and opposite forces). Think how thins works on a global basis - there is a war against all sorts of things on this planet, drugs, tenneage pregnancy etc - yet all these things increase. Mother Theresa of Calcutta (love her or hate her) was asked to join in demonstration against war - she shocked people by refusing. She replied, 'if there is demonstration for peace, then I will join'. She understood.
This is such unusual advice that I won't say any more now. Have a think about it when you get the time and then come back to me if you want chat more about it or even to me what a load of rubbish you think I am talking! (I wont mind at all). Those who especially love and support you in the non-physical world will join you in your desire for an improved life experience and it will come .... but they will not join you in an 'against approach' they simply cannot becuase there is no negativity or resistance of any kind once we return to our true state of pure consciousness (that thing we call death and get so hung up about). Please have a gentle but good think - Isaac Newton - Mother Theresa - these are you lights in this situation. God bless you, Roy


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I can answer questions concerning people's desire to have some form of contact with deceased friends or relatives or, if required, animals. In summary, I consider myself an expert on communication between physical and non-physical reality. While I can act as a medium, I prefer to teach people how to make contact themsleves. I would prefer questions to be marked as private, if possible. Please not that information to answer questions of this kind is not immediately available, effort and time are required to establish a satisfactory response so please do not mind that it may take a day or two to receive an answer - this does not mean I have forgotten you. I am currently living and working in south east Asia so there is a time factor there too for those who contact me from Europe and the States - it is, however, an absolute pleasure to deal with people from all over the globe.


As an ordained minister, I have had 15 years experience in dealing with bereavement and bereaved people. Many have asked if it is possible to contact deceased people. I beleive it is possible for anyone to contact any non-physical reality and I have helped many people do this from different cultures, religions and countries.

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