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Hello, My name is Taylor Bordelon. Im going to be completely honest. I've never believed in this kind of stuff. I always thought that you gave the physic information, and they told you what you wanted to hear. But here lately my thoughts have changed. See, I'm going through a rough time. I lost my dad almost ten months ago and I dont know what I believe, as far as afterlife goes. Im not sure exactly what Im asking, I just need reassurance. I need to know if my dad is here with me even though he cant physically be here. Im going through a lot and its making me miss my dad more than ever. We were so close. I hope you can help me!!!

As this is in the question pool, I'm answering - I only offer free love readings here - but yours looks too tragic to be sitting in a question pool - what's your birth year? and what are you looking for help in, you want to know that you're not alone?


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Hello :) I will need your First Name & Birth year, and any others involved in your question - brief answer given - questions that will be rejected (baby! health! I am single, when will I get married!). Paid readings available


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