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Hello. My name is Carrie and dob is 01/20/1980. The person I've been seeing is Patrick dob 08/01/1978. We knew each other in passing years ago, dated in 2008 for only a couple months since the timing was wrong for both of us and we knew it. Then, last summer my sister brought him to my house unexpected and it was almost an immediate sense that I knew I loved him. Since then, we have been together just about everyday. The feeling that I get from him is that we are soul mates.. it feels even stronger than that actually! Is this man my Twin Soul and the one I am going to spend forever with? I don't know if you can help me out with this but I was somewhat forced to have my tubes cut and burned while in the military. Deep down do you see me having a child with this man? I've been praying that it will happen and I guess that if it's meant to be, it will be. I appreciate your time and hope that I've given you enough information to help me.

God Bless You

Hi, Carrie,

Patrick seems like a super nice guy when I look at his energy, and I believe his love for you is sincere. I do see a bit of hesitation on his part — there is some vulnerability in you, perhaps around the possibility of having a child, that he wants to protect. He absolutely does not want you to be hurt, especially by him. Some healing work around this may be a good idea.

Twin souls/soulmates are not necessarily destined to be together forever . . . sometimes parting in order to make way for the next step, or further growth, is part of the plan. Which is painful as it's happening, but it doesn't make the relationship or the twin soul connection any less valid. I do see you and Patrick together in your late fifties/early sixties.

When I read about having your tubes cut and burned, I couldn't help saying "Ow!" out loud — even though I'm sure (or at least I hope) you were under anesthesia. It just feels like that was very traumatic for you on top of whatever else was going on during your military service. Then a dark-haired child, a girl I think, popped into my mind. I think you and Patrick are going to adopt a child from another country, perhaps China. This will not be an easy ride, and you and she are going to have just as much (if not more) mother-daughter "stuff" than a bio mom and daughter. But you are going to be awesome parents, and she will be a lovely person. Very much an individual, and creative.

Keep praying, watch and listen for guidance, and all will unfold as it is meant to unfold. All blessings to you!



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