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My name is Carrie (dob 01/20/1980) my bf's name is Patrick (dob 08/01/1978). Am I being a little paranoid thinking that he is cheating on me? He goes away for work (sometimes for days at a time)and my thoughts start to wonder that he is with another girl...I really am in love with this man and I feel it's reciprocated. I just don't know why I'm even thinking he would? We've been talking about our future, saving money for a nice house and he loves my daughter and she him. I know it will be hard if it's true but knowing is better than not. If you can help I would really appreciate it.


Using the Lenormand cards, did you get a legal letter perhaps this is why Patrick spends so much time working? I feel that the issue is not Patrick but yourself Carrie, love yourself and then you'll allow Patrick to love you more :) new beginnings seems very likely, but one filled with lots of happiness. If you want further insight, couples insight


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