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Dear Advisor Abby,

My name is Jennifer (Birthdate & City/state: 11/30/1990, Clarksville TN) and I was hoping if you could tell me if I will find a boyfriend (husband?) in the future? I've never had a boyfriend before and I think part of it is because I don't have any confidence in myself. Since I'm almost approaching my mid-20s, I sometimes wonder if I'm even destined to find a guy (Probably not the right attitude to have, but....). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this!! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!


(P.S. I really want to pursue voice acting in the future. My dad doesn't like this idea, but I do. Will I be able to accomplish this goal? :3 Sorry for asking so many questions!!)

This is in the question pool which means the volunteer psychic you contacted had a very valid reason for sending this to the pool - however, I'm picking this up.

Yes you're very right in assuming that you don't have the right attitude at present about guys, change this and you bring in confident energy that sweeps love into your path, then I see you waiting for him and a soul mate entering into your life, one that you have shared a past life with, you will feel comfortable with him and he with you.

Questions to ask yourself | 1. Has this given you what you wanted to know? | 2. If not, have you meditated on the answer provided? | 3. Is it useless, and you are now discarding it to find another free psychic who will give you the answer you are looking for?


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