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Hi, adreenna!
Its me Irene (June 7, 1993)
I hate to bother you again, i enjoy your honesty and time you take with your reading/answers
, which is why i felt i should come back. I have been very stressed out this past couple of weeks. I have final exams this month and I've been studying and I feel as if I'm ready.  Do you see anything indicating me passing all my exams?

Hello again Irene,
Wow! You're not kidding when you say you are stressed.
You have got to lower those stress levels, or you are
not going to do near as well in your exams as you should.
You are prepared, but you are letting your own self doubt
cloud your thoughts.
You need to calm your mind, relax, set aside some quiet time
to just reflect on your studying. Take a quiet walk..just by yourself
engage in some relaxation meditation.  Think positive thoughts to yourself.
You have had some issues this past term, but your work is still sound.
If you can get a handle on your stress and worry, you will do quite well.

The day before your exams start, do not study. Instead take the time
for a day of relaxation. Pamper yourself, have a few treats that you especially enjoy.
That night, get a good solid rest. Fall asleep with this quiet chant..
"I have studied, I am ready, I will do well." Just quietly repeat this to yourself
as you fall asleep.

Best of luck to you!!
And no doubts!
You are one smart little lady!



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