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Dear Lady Adreeanna,

I met this guy in Jan 2013. He is from Europe and I am from Singapore. My birthday is 26/4/1981, his birthday is 19/1/1983.

We got along very well and spent lots of time together. We have a relationship with him since Jan 2013. We are currently in a long distance relationship because he returned to Europe to visit his family at the end of May 2013. I will visit him for a month in August 2013. He will move closer to me in October 2013 due to our business together, and we will meet up often.

Maybe it is due to the distance now, sometimes I dont know what he is thinking about. I am wondering whether he loves me, and whether we are meant to be together. Thank you.


Dear Mindy,

Stop worrying. Things will go along well with both of you.

No one is meant to be with anyone, that is a common misconception.
You both need to look at your relationship and determine,
how hard you want to work at being life partners.

If you both work hard, never take advantage, do not abuse the trust
you each give each other, you will succeed.
Simple isn't it?

Even if there was something called "meant for each other", if you fail
at working will fall apart.

Blessings to you both



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