Hi Lady Adreeanna :)

I've been working very hard to make myself ready for my life partner.  I recently had someone tell me that, even though he thinks I'm fun,  sassy,  and there is tons of attraction,  I'm not the girl for him and  I deserve to be with someone who loves me for me and not for what I can do for him. Sigh.  Is that going to happen soon? I realize I'm a dynamo. ..but I'm a sweet one. ..and I would love to know if the man who isn't intimidated by that will be in my life soon.

Thank you!

Dear Johanna,

Wow you are a feisty one aren't you.  It is rare that I hear from someone with such a get to it attitude. I love it!
Yes, men will have trouble with you. You attract them, you lure them, and when you start to reel them in, they run with their tails tucked between their legs.

Let them go!
Yes there is a man out there for you. How soon you find him, will depend on where you go fishing for him.
If you keep playing around in ponds, you will keep finding the minnows.
Get out in the big water girl!
There is still part of you that is worried about being hurt by your equal.
Stop worrying! You do have the confidence. You have the courage, and you have the
strong heart needed to work through it when things do not go well.

Hearts do not break..they may get bruised here and there, but that bruising will serve to toughen you up, and teach you what not to look for.

Stay away from the usual clubs, bars, social gatherings..your Mr. Right is above all that.
You will find him in a place of adventure and fun.
Look for him there.

Blessings from my heart to yours



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