My name is Nashira Julieth Mc Entosh Campbell, my date of birth is june 15 1986, my question is, how can you see me in the future, in the Love and business, I dont have luck in the love, and im worry about that, sometime i think that I have some problem for find a good person.. I hope you can help me.
If I will be happy or not, please help me.

Thank you.

Dear Nashira,
What a lovely name you have.
The only problem you have in finding a good man to love,
is your own lack of self confidence. You have to stop
worrying about finding love, and learn to love yourself
and think of yourself as someone special. It will take you
time to realize this, but when you do, you will find love with
a very good, and kind person.

Your business career is going to be slow to start, but in time,
and with the dedication that you have, it too will be successful.
Again, the only thing holding you back is a lack of self confidence.
I sense that someone picked on you quite a bit when you were younger,
and you are carrying this in to adulthood. The past is done, and the door
to it is closed, dwelling on that past, will only hurt you in the present
and future. So learn to let it go.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Blessings to you



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