My name is Tiffany (DOB: June 2,1988) and I want to know when I will find "the one." I have always been interesting in who my soulmate could possibly be and when marriage would happen for me. I feel like my life is starting to turn around for the best and I am hoping it only gets better from here. I just wonder sometimes if I am suppose to be with someone in my life or if I am meant to be alone.

My question is: When will I get married or meet my soul mate, and can you tell me anything about him?

Dear Tiffany,

Your "soul mate" is out there, and he is waiting for you to finish
your tasks that you are meant to do. Once you have reached the point
where you are ready to find each other, you will.
No one can tell you what he looks like, or exactly when you are going to find him.
The single biggest reason for this, is that you are changing your life
in small measures each and every day, and those around you as well will alter
the paths you take.

I can tell you this much..he is out there, you will not meet him on the internet,
and you will start out as acquaintances and move on to being very good friends.
At some point, you will both realize that friendship is the true foundation of love
and companionship. It is also a key component for a soul mate.
Without that friendship, the deepest aspect of love will elude you both. Once you
both see that, your friendship will evolve to the next level, and you will begin
planning your lives together.

Be patient,
I sense that within 5 years you will be married to a man that melts your heart, and warms your very soul.

Blessings to you



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