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Hello friend,
     Thanks very much for taking the time to read this. My Birthday is March 18, 1986.

My question is in regards to a woman named Sarah, born August 24, 1988.  Sarah and I have known each other ever since we were young kids in elementary school.  We always crushed on each other over the years.  We have always had a very strong psychic connection between the two of us as well.  As we got older we drifted apart, and only talked on occasion. We started talking again via facebook after many years, and there still is a connection.  I would love to court Sarah romantically, but I know she has been hurt a lot, and I sense a lot of hesitation on her part.  I am really wondering how I should court Sarah at this stage.  She has been keeping to herself and not as open with me as usual.  I really feel she is just protecting herself because she was cheated on and had her heart crushed.  However, I am really unsure as to why she is acting so hesitant and not opening up to me.  Maybe I am not being blunt enough about how I feel, and have been pacing things too much.  I just want to know how I should approach things at this point, but I know there is something special between the two of us.  

Do I need to be more blunt with Sarah about how I feel or do I should I keep moving slow?

There is something special between us, I am just lost as to what she needs from me at this time.  Any clarification you could give me would be most appreciated.  Thanks very much!

Dear Steven,
Thank you for entrusting your question to me.
Sarah has a lot of walls built up around her.
She is very afraid of being hurt again.
Being blunt abut your feelings toward her could
backfire, but so could just letting things play out
on their own.
You need to find a balance between the 2 that lets
her know on a subtle level that you care deeply for her
but also allows her room  to get used to the idea.

She does have a inkling of how you feel about her,
but a large part of her wants to deny this, as, with you
she is not only afraid of having her heart broken again,
but she is also afraid of losing a good friend because of it.

At this point I sense that you should develop an amazingly close
friendship with her, that lets her know she can count on you, rely
on you, and trust you, with all her emotions.  She will test you as well
to see how you handle some of the more troubling things she has on her mind.

Be there for her, love her dearly as a friend right now. Find the feminine
side of you that can be a best friend to a girl without coming across as wanting
romance right off the bat.

She needs you as a friend, and as she learns she can trust you with
everything and anything, you can start letting her know, that best friends
make the best life partners, and soul gentle with her in all ways
always.  If you hurt her..she will close the door.

Steven I hope this helps you gain some insight...gals are a complicated lot. :)




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