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Dear Adreanna, my name is Emily December 18 1993 asking about Carl May 22 1992. I am wondering if meeting him in person is a good idea? We chat/text alot. We live in the same city & he said he wanted to see me in person but I don't know if this is the right thing to do & if this is safe. I'm scared that if I do meet him in person, things will go wrong, I might regret it or worse I might get hurt feelings. I wonder if I can trust this guy, if he is being honest with me.

Bonjour Emily,
Because you have not had direct contact with this young man
I cannot get a sense from him.
You have spoken, texted each other. Yet you have doubts.
Something about him, has you reluctant.
Learn to trust those inner feelings.
What you can do, if you want, is arrange to meet him with a responsible friend.
Meet in a public place, for a casual coffee.
Do not go off alone with him, and keep your conversation neutral
and friendly.  See what he is like face to face.
Does he look you in the eye when he speaks to you.
Does he hold your attention. Is he respectful to your friend.
All of these things are important.
For at least a month, meet him only in public places, and always with a friend.
If he has patience and understanding to allow you to be cautious, that alone speaks
If in your heart however, you have any doubt..then do not meet him.
Again, unfortunately, because you have not had personal direct contact, I cannot read him.

Blessings to you



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