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I've been divorced for  one year.  I'm looking to find a new relationship with someone I can spend my life with.  There are currently two men I'm seeing, but not sure that either one is right for me long term.  
One is a man i work with who is moving out of state for a new job with a lot of travel.  He suffers from depression and isnt sure he wants a relationship, but gives me mixed signals.  
The other, i met online in january.  he is sweet and affectionate, but im not sure hes ready for something serious.  Its been 5 months and hes not very proactive.  I've been doing online dating as well without success.  Can you point me in the right direction?  Have I met mr. Right yet?  
My birthday is 11/24/81.

Hello Lauren
Thank you for trusting your question to me.

I do not see Mr Right near you at this time.
I get a sense there are still some issues that you
are trying to resolve within your mind about your
last serious relationship. And it is possible that you
are projecting those feelings to those around you.
Instead of focusing on finding a relationship,
you would do better at just looking to make new
friends. Quality friends in which you can share
activities, and adventures with. It is when we least
expect it that we find someone that we want to grow
a relationship with.  Development of new friends, can also
lead to meeting new men with which to explore possibilities

I hope this helps you in some way



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