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Dear Lady Adreeanna,
My DOB is 12-19-83. Since I've been single, I've noticed that people in the past (my exes) have been trying to get back together. I figure that I am not ready since I wanted to focus on my career goals and I will be out of the country soon and do not really prefer a long distance relationship. I am comfortable with myself although it gets lonely from time to time. I feel like I need to have a stable career first before getting into any of that stiff. Anyway, can you please tell me if there is anyone in the past who truly loves me or will I find greater love in the future with someone new who i would love and loves me just as much? Thank you for sharing your gift to those who need it most.

Dear Heidi,

Always in life we should strive to move forward, never backward.
Reconnecting with exes is moving backwards.
There is a reason they are your ex, and as such, they should stay there.

You are very correct that you should make everything in life as stable as
possible before looking for your life partner.  That is the only way to find
true happiness and success.

Everything you are doing, will result in a wonderful relationship that
has the best chance of success.

A long distance relationship is ok for one that is already established,
and has a good foundation of trust and security. It is a disaster when
a relationship is new.
You stick to your is your success!!




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