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Hello I have been very intuitive latley an have seen spirits I feel as tho I can talk to them I need help unlocking the ability to be more intuitive Ive been told I'm a insenitive pyhchic an world love to know how to use this

Intuition is often confused with psychic ability, but they aren't the same thing.  Intuition is just subconscious logical information processing.  You get a lot of information about what's happening around you that you aren't consciously aware of.  When your brain processes all of that 'behind the scenes', and then spits the answer into your consciousness, it seems to come out of nowhere - but it actually doesn't.  This is intuition.

Psychic ability allows you to sense things that others do not sense (or affect things).  As a result, it can give you more information than other people get, thus making your intuition more accurate.  However, there are many very intuitive people who are not psychic (and vice versa!)

If you want information on how to begin training psychic abilities, I recommend the articles section on (or my book, Beginning Psionics, of course).  


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I am not a 'psychic reader'--I don't do readings. (If you ask me whether you're going to get a job, whether your boyfriend really loves you, or where your missing keys are, I will reject the question). Again, I do NOT do readings of any kind. Ask yourself: "Does answering my question require the USE of a psychic ability?" If the answer is yes, ask someone who does readings. I provide information and support FOR psychics. If you have unusual abilities and need help understanding how to learn to control them and how to deal with them, I can most likely help you.


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