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Psychics/psychic or just stupid?


In a class I took that was going well someone asked me to partner with him on a scene I really wanted to do.  Just as I had said "I would love to!" another student came up and expressed an interest in doing this scene with him.  I found myself saying I didn't have to do it, I could do something else, and she could do it.  I didn't want to be saying this, and I knew it!  She didn't even acknowledge me but proceeded to make plans with him, and even though he looked at me like "are you sure you want to do this?" I couldn't open my mouth to take it back.  By the way, I'm old enough to be a grandma - I'm not a teenager.  Do you think there was something psychic going on here, or am I just an idiot?

While it's possible that you were simply suffering from a bit of social anxiety, and wanted to avoid a confrontation, this is actually exactly how telepathic suggestion can manifest.  Both possibilities are there. :)  If it was telepathic suggestion, it's a rare level of ability - few people are good enough to do something like that.

Did you feel anxious, with a racing heart, and flushing skin?  Did you want to avoid confrontation?  If so, that makes it more likely that it was simply social anxiety at work.  

If you were confused, and felt oddly distanced, as though outside of yourself, that makes it more likely that you were being influenced.


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