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Hi Jean- My name is Alyson and my birthdate is March 26, 1972. I hear that everyone has a spirit guide. Is this true, and if so could you possibly give me any information on who mine is? Do they have name? How am I to communicate with them and are they wanting to tell me anything? Thank you so much for your time! Alyson

Hello, Alyson,

I believe we can have many spirit guides (and for different purposes) throughout our lives. The one who is coming through now for you has long blonde hair (usually kept tucked under a cowboy hat) and is in her 20s-30s. It feels like she lived in the Old West in the physical world and was an experienced and gifted horsewoman — a bit unusual for her time. Her horse is a chestnut mare. My feeling is that she is in your life to encourage you to embrace your gifts without worrying about anyone else's approval, and to more deeply engage with the world around you, particularly nature and animals. This lady, not surprisingly, is especially gifted at communicating with horses, and what I'm getting from her is that she wants to help you hear what others cannot or will not hear. This could mean communicating with animals, learning to listen in a different way to people, some sort of environmental work — that is yours to discover. I would suggest going into a quiet, meditative state and picture her sitting there with you. Then just ask her, either out loud or silently, anything you wish. The connection will proceed from there.

All blessings —



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