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I was wondering if it would be possible for our spirit guides to make a strong connection with us to the point of experiencing of an encounter with them? I think this has happened to me which took place many years ago, he was a native american man who was so set on helping me understand my "gift". And here's the kicker, I've had a dream about him 3 days before the encounter. I would like to know what your view would be on this situation that I had experienced. Thank you

It sounds more probable that your guide or totem may also be the man's guide/totem, and you were brought together so that he could teach you.

Some guides and totems are powerful enough to send animals your way, or arrange encounters with other people.  It's rare for a spirit to manifest in a way that you can't tell it apart from a living person, though; few entities have that ability.


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I am not a 'psychic reader'--I don't do readings. (If you ask me whether you're going to get a job, whether your boyfriend really loves you, or where your missing keys are, I will reject the question). Again, I do NOT do readings of any kind. Ask yourself: "Does answering my question require the USE of a psychic ability?" If the answer is yes, ask someone who does readings. I provide information and support FOR psychics. If you have unusual abilities and need help understanding how to learn to control them and how to deal with them, I can most likely help you.


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