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Hi my name is Angel and my date of birth is June 23, 1987. And the guy that I'm asking about his name is Michael and his birth date is August 1, 1987. We have been talking on the internet for a while we just didn't get a chance to meet each other in person. But I started liking this guy and started developing feelings for him but he recently told me that a met a girl 2 months ago and their now dating.And so now I'm very heartbroken and I had really wanted to meet him. I wanted to know will he apologize to me and talk to me again soon?..Well thanks in advance I hope that you can help me.

Hello Angel.
Thank you for writing to me.
He is not the man for you.
He has found someone that he can be
with, to do things together, go out,
and begin his life with.

Let him go.  There is a man
for you, and I get a very
strong sense you will not meet
him on the internet.




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