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Hi Lady Adreeanna,

I appreciate the time you give in giving free reading. I am Anne Garcia, DOB 10-15-85. I've noticed that I'd been in and out of relationships but none of them lasted. Also, I just went through a breakup recently, and I am a bit concerned because I fall in love easily and this has become a pattern.I moved on to someone else just a few months after the relationship fell apart and I feel I am not giving myself enough time as planned. My question is it better for me to be single for a while or am i doing the right thing since this relationship that I am in now will last?I like him a lot,but not sure if I really had gotten over my last relationship. please advise. Thank you again

Dear Anne,
You are worrying yourself right out of a relationship.
You fear that time is running out for you to find someone to
spend your life with. You do not want to be alone.
You are not falling in love. When you find someone, you are becoming relieved.
Relieved that you think you may have found your future life partner.
This is not love.
In order to love someone, you must first love yourself.
You should seek a partner, not because you need one, but because
you want someone to walk through life hand and had with. Someone that
you think is deserving enough to come along with you through your life.

This is a should never give it freely.
Yes you are looking way too early, this relationship as well,
will not go the distance.

Relax, learn to enjoy being on your own, discovering all the freedom that
it can bring. Learn about yourself..find pleasures, hobbies, interests that
YOU really love.  Soon enough you will have to share everything with a partner.
You will have to put your wants and desires aside for what is best for you as a couple.
So treasure what you have now. will find in time, that when you are considering
dating, you will be a lot more choosy, and a lot more strict with yourself as to what
qualities you are looking for.

I hope this helps you in some way.
Blessings from my heart to yours



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