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My name is rocio and his name is cameron. My birthdate is 5/31/1993, his birth date is 2/12/1989. essentially we met through a common friend (his best friend is dating my best friend) and it was a purely long distance, facebook relationship. we met online and we were "together" for about 6 months. he lived in brisbane, qld, au and i was in georgia , usa. I got news that I was accepted into a school program in australia and was going to move there, until about a week before, where i realized that i would not have the funds. he was very disappointed, just stopped talking to me, never explained anything and got a new girlfriend, which was so shocking because neither of u could believe that we  had had such a connection without ever even setting eyes on each other. i finally moved to australia about 16 days ago. when i got here, hes moved her into his house and hes not happy, and started to talk to me right away. we finally met up, and there was an instant spark, an electricity that ran through us when he touched for the first time, and then after that, 3 days and nothing. I told him he had to make a choice, and though I know he wants to be with me, he seems afraid to hurt her feelings. I know he wants to be with me, but im starting to wonder if were ever going to get together ? I want nothing else but him, but I am not going to sit here and be his second.  Whats going to happen ?

Dear little Roccio,

I am getting very strong and powerful negative feelings regarding this young man.
He is being deceptive. He is not honest about his feelings toward you at all.
He is drifting right now..does not know what he wants, and is playing women.
This person is not someone that you should be with under any circumstance.
It will lead to problems for you which will affect your education, thus affecting
your self confidence and future.

The feelings you have for him, are what I refer to as "heat of the moment" feelings.
They are not genuine love, though it may seem that way to you.

You have yet to discover what the warmth, trust, and openness of true love feels like.
This man is playing to your heart, not your mind. He comes to you with enough baggage to
sink a ship.

The caring, and nurturing nature you possess is what he is using against you.
It is commonly called lost puppy syndrome.

Please, for the sake of your future happiness, leave this relationship alone.

Blessings to you dear one



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